From the beginning of civilization, man has been trying to understand the Truth of life. "Truth in essence is" Things as they are." - Bhuta tatha tatha. Buddha's are born to the world to reveal this Truth. The medium available to them to share the Truth eg. the spoken 'word' and language have their inherent limitations in that they suggest different meanings to each individual. The Truth got clouded on this account as well through "punditry" and scholarly interpretations over the years and was eventually pulled down to the level of an intellectual concept. Truth and intellectualism are a poles apart. Thus Truth as revealed by Buddha's got buried in the sands of Time.

Once in a blue moon a Noble person who can sift through sands of Time to reach the original Buddha word is born to the world. Our noble Master, a lay preacher from Sri Lanka is one of them. He was able to access the Buddha word in its pristine purity- "Tathagata Darshanaya" as he had conquered "Time' and attained 'Enlightened Vision'

The Truth that unfolds from his sermons is beyond the senses and fresh like the morning dew. It rejects Vedic traditions and boundaries of 'Yanas' or " isms', culture, race, religion or ethnicity. It is the story of man and his world ( the fathom long body), cleverly spun and created by the five sense faculties, culminating in the greatest illusion that ever was and continues to be - the 'false self' the 'ego'. He reveals how man came to life and what keeps him bound to the cycle of life. For the benefit of seekers who are weary of the endless cycle ( Samsara), he shows the way to exit. He explores the greatest mystery of 'deep sleep' - the 'black hole' in our life which harbors both ignorance - 'Avijja' and the repository of Buddha Nature - the 'Buddha Garbha' to reveal this wonderful Truth of Life

In spirit of Bodhisattas who are committed to sharing, this web site is dedicated to the seekers of Truth to 'come and see for themselves -'ehipassika'. Through this website, the Master's sermons are made available via video clips and audio clips in Sinhala language. Audio clips in English can be made available as appropriate. The website will also carry brief articles in English based on his sermons. Our earnest wish is that the interaction with our Noble Master will help many seekers to discover the Buddha Nature lying dormant within themselves.

May a thousand flowers blossom forth!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Click here to download this sermon

Click here to download this sermon